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My first is twice in apple but not once in tart. My second is in liver but not in heart. My third is in giant and also in ghost. What gets wetter as it dries? A towel This is a most unusual paragraph. How quickly can you find out what is so unusual about it? It is unusual though. Study it, think about it, and you may find out.

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Try to do it without coaching. If you work at it for a bit it will dawn on you. So jump to it and try your skill at figuring it out. The most common letter in the English language, the letter e, is not found in the entire paragraph. When you went into the woods you got me. You hated me yet you wanted to find me.

A splinter An iron horse with a flaxen tail. The faster the horse runs, the shorter his tail becomes. A needle and thread. You have to travel far before you turn it over. An odometer A mile from end to end, yet as close to as a friend. A precious commodity, freely given. Seen on the dead and on the living. Found on the rich, poor, short and tall, but shared among children most of all. The four suits in a deck of standard playing cards. The Diamond is the hardest gem to break.

The Heart bonds with the mind to form love. Absence makes the heart grow fonder. The Club, or Clover, is three dots connected around a stem. I am a word of meanings three. Three ways of spelling me there be. The first is an odour, a smell if you will. The second some money, but not in a bill. The third is past tense, a method of passing things on or around. Can you tell me now, what these words are, that have the same sound? What question can you never honestly answer yes to?

Removing the head p leaves Earl, a guy who could be at your door. Feed me and I live, give me drink and I die. What begins and has no end? What is the ending of all that begins? Another answer along the same lines is decay. A man went to the hardware store to buy items for his house.

House numbers What makes a loud noise when changing its jacket, becomes larger but weighs less? Popcorn The more you take, the more you leave behind. Footsteps I am a word of 5 letters and people eat me. If you remove the first letter I become a form of energy. Scramble the last 3 and you can drink me.

The next letter change makes a deathly old tomb. Change the fourth to make a fruit of the vine. Change the last for a chart plotted with lines. What did I become? What did I turn out to be? Clove, glove, grove, grave, grape, graph A woman shoots her husband, then holds him under water for five minutes.

Finally, she hangs him. Five minutes later they enjoy a wonderful dinner together. How can this be?

She took a photo of him and developed it in the dark room. Remove six letters from this sequence to reveal a familiar English word. Time I never was, am always to be, No one ever saw me, nor ever will And yet I am the confidence of all To live and breathe on this terrestrial ball. A fish This thing all things devours: Birds, beasts, trees, flowers; Gnaws iron, bites steel; Grinds hard stones to meal; Slays king, ruins town, And beats high mountain down.

Time The cost of making only the maker knows, Valueless if bought, but sometimes traded. A poor man may give one as easily as a king. When one is broken pain and deceit are assured. Promise Who makes it, has no need of it. Who buys it, has no use for it. Who uses it can neither see nor feel it. A coffin I build up castles. Sand Glittering points that downward thrust, Sparkling spears that never rust.

Riddle of the Red Bible (A Riddle in Time #1)

Icicle Die without me, Never thank me. Walk right through me, never feel me. Always watching, never speaking. Always lurking, never seen. Air Pregnant every time you see her, yet she never will give birth. Full moon I go around in circles, But always straight ahead Never complain, No matter where I am led. April 17, at January 25, at Can you solve that riddle.

May 21, at November 9, at December 1, at December 3, at December 7, at January 21, at January 22, at March 5, at August 16, at March 23, at May 7, at May 6, at May 14, at Complete Pub Trivia says: April 15, at June 26, at August 24, at July 1, at July 18, at July 22, at July 31, at November 29, at I only get the part with blinding men, but not the rest of the riddle Mind explaining? December 16, at December 20, at December 28, at February 4, at February 13, at February 24, at February 26, at March 6, at March 16, at November 14, at December 22, at August 18, at January 23, at March 3, at February 12, at November 15, at February 7, at February 17, at May 10, at February 19, at February 20, at Already covered in the comments above; my guess would be fire, but I may be wrong.

June 16, at Notheing — the oor have it, the rich need it, and if you eat it, you starve. February 25, at November 13, at February 28, at March 2, at March 24, at I do, what type of clothes can you make foot fronts with? June 15, at May 1, at April 9, at April 30, at May 4, at May 22, at April 11, at May 23, at June 20, at June 27, at Can you answer this riddle please: November 8, at June 30, at July 2, at If u have it u want to share it if u share it you dint have it.

July 9, at July 11, at July 13, at July 19, at July 14, at August 4, at July 16, at August 6, at August 7, at August 19, at September 12, at October 14, at September 29, at November 17, at October 4, at October 13, at October 24, at February 8, at April 7, at She is the 5th.

October 26, at October 27, at October 31, at November 3, at November 5, at I dont get it. November 11, at November 19, at What is able to type a question, but will never be able to read the answer? December 27, at Camille Stacy Apura says: Apparently, nobody knows the answer too. February 3, at November 25, at Please can you help me with this answer. What room has no door or window. Darius M David says: What is black and white but red all over? What has hundreds of teeth but never had a body???

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I know the answers but wanted to share. I think they are simple but cute. February 14, at June 29, at October 25, at August 29, at Hello,some have ,others have none. August 30, at October 6, at A railroad crossing When a car drives around a curve, what is the one thing that is sure to lose. The answer is a wig Listen well: The answer is a chain What goes around but never moves from its place. The answer is the fence silently creeping towards his foes, growling and rumbling this enemy grows, twisted inside this fury will burn, often appeased but always returns.

October 11, at I have got this riddle that has disturb me for quite a while but i have not get an answear. Some have more than ahundred some have non? What is the answear of the riddle? Clues are we see it every morning and atsome point it has colours at some point it does not. October 17, at October 18, at October 20, at Some have more than a hundred some have none. Who knows the answer to this riddle? October 21, at November 2, at October 23, at November 1, at Shem Ongudi Odwar says: Some have more than hundred some has none.

November 4, at November 10, at November 23, at March 13, at November 24, at December 9, at December 12, at December 14, at January 13, at Answer to briangacicio gmail. January 16, at January 31, at Hi I would love to get a help to solve this riddle Its new and old at the same time? I am new and old at the same time hint.

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February 6, at Preview — Riddle of the Red Bible by K. Riddle of the Red Bible is one of the latest science fiction books to tackle time travel and ghosts together, and with a new twist. Set in Hertfordshire, England, Manila, Philippines and California, USA this exciting novel also deals with adventure, religiosity, teen romance, love for family, and courage.

Like many youngsters today, Courtney Nivots is a British teenager wi Riddle of the Red Bible is one of the latest science fiction books to tackle time travel and ghosts together, and with a new twist. Like many youngsters today, Courtney Nivots is a British teenager with a dream - although she doesn't dream of being rich, winning the latest T. No, she actually dreams of something even more challenging; meeting her deceased father. At the very young age of five, she takes her first step on a truly wonderful and life changing journey.

Sitting alone in her room one fateful evening, she encounters a truly terrifying thing - her worst nightmare - a ghost. From the way it behaves, she's convinced that the apparition definitely isn't friendly after it violently lashes out and destroys her only remaining link to her father - a porcelain figurine of Jesus Christ with a personalised message inscribed on the bottom. However, what transpires in that very moment takes her on a rollercoaster ride of epic proportions; both physically and emotionally, as everything she has ever known to be 'real' is truly put to the test.

As she enters her teens and develops a deep rooted desire to find out who visited her all those years ago, she discovers a cryptic red book that might somehow make that possible. So with the help of some charming, brainy and downright geeky transatlantic friends, she sets out on a perilous time travel adventure to discover answers to questions nobody thought could ever be answered: Can you truly lay out the path of your own destiny at the tender age of five or do you re-write your future with every brave step you take?

When Courtney encounters the most tremendous and tangible example of how it can really be possible to see her own future by looking into the past without far-fetched time machines and extravagant contraptions she is forced to find out those answers head on as she journeys to discover who visited her all those years ago and what part her long lost dad might play in her life.

However, with the very physics of time combatting against her, there will be many substantial costs to pay before she can really find out who she is and whether she truly belongs in this world. Paperback , pages. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

To ask other readers questions about Riddle of the Red Bible , please sign up. Be the first to ask a question about Riddle of the Red Bible. Lists with This Book. May 20, Maria Dyrah rated it it was amazing. It was a great idea to discuss both ghost paranormal and time travel in one book and Riddle of the Red Bible by K. Jae succeeded in fusing two disparate subject matters without letting the two ideas clash against each other. This book, a sci-fi and fantasy book rolled into one, drives us to explore, question our own beliefs, and find the answers to our own questions, similar to what the characters in the novel did for themselves.

At the start, Courtney Nivots encounters a ghost, an experie It was a great idea to discuss both ghost paranormal and time travel in one book and Riddle of the Red Bible by K. At the start, Courtney Nivots encounters a ghost, an experience that some people can relate to, since they may have similar experiences with it.

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But unfortunately, this experience gave her more questions than answers, similar to some nagging questions that we have regarding the paranormal or in extreme cases, with aliens. Using these two subject matters, the author K. Jae was able to use it to convey messages about love, family, and ultimately the meaning of our existence. Despite the fact that ghosts and time travel remain a mystery, the book was still able to draw interest from readers everywhere and that is certainly an achievement.

As a sci-fi adventure book, Riddle of the Red Bible is worthy of a place in modern science fiction. Jul 25, Karren rated it it was ok. Every so often, we come across a book that would seem mundane in the beginning, but would soon unfold into an extraordinary story, complete with unexpected twists, gripping scenes, and remarkable characters. Riddle of the Red Bible is such a book.

Courtney Nivots is your typical nerdy-type underdog.

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What makes her different and interesti Every so often, we come across a book that would seem mundane in the beginning, but would soon unfold into an extraordinary story, complete with unexpected twists, gripping scenes, and remarkable characters. What makes her different and interesting is that in spite of her apparent position in the bottom rung of the teen-age food chain, she knows how to deliver as good as she gets. She is self-aware, with a sharp wit and keen intelligence that allows her to stand up to those who give her trouble.

She has a dry sense of humor on top of her admirable tenacity that makes her an all-in-all perfect lead for a novel that explores such delicate themes. The plot itself is as driven is as its lead character. It might start off a bit slow, but once the action picks up, the story would then carry off its readers to worlds-unknown-yet-possible. It combines all elements of a well-written and well-thought of sci-fi novel—speculations for the future fate of mankind, dystopia, and of course, time travel.

Add to it a dash of quirky characters, family drama, jealous professors, and a love story, and you will have quite an enthralling read in your hands. Jul 11, Jam Alcid rated it really liked it. The story revolves around the quirky, yet brilliant girl named Courtney, who, in her young age suffered great deal of tragedies that caused her to mature faster than teenagers her age. While reading the story, one could easily relate to Courtney because of her amusing qualities and her perseverance to achieve her goal.

One more thing that made the book enjoyable is Courtney's posse. If you are not the type to relate to the main character, pretty sure the mix of Courtney's friends - from the unexpected Alexandra to her charmingly geeky housemates will appeal to you.